From the Foreword

As Hoff observes, "People revealed bits and pieces of their lives, that were only remotely connected to the court appearance." In these vignettes, rich with detail, dialogue, and humor, the reader is treated to an insider's view of the justice system. What our insider reveals are sad, touching, funny, and true tales, told by someone with a big heart and a huge commitment to justice.

— Lynn Duryee, Judge, Marin County Superior Court, author of Hooked on Drug Court and Trial & Error 

Agatha discusses her book with Kimberly Chase of Bay Area Bios in the video above (11/06/11).


Or ask your local bookstore to order a copy for you.

Perfect for law and laugh-lovers alike! Pick one up today! 

Upcoming Appearances
Listen and learn from San Francisco's wisest (and wryest) 
Court Commissioner. 

Irish Cultural Center Library
45th Avenue @ Sloat Blvd.
San Francisco, CA     
October 21, 20121 at 3:30 P.M.

Women's Group
Sacred Heart Schools

150 Valparaiso Avenue
Atherton, CA                    
November 2, 2012   11:50. A.M.

Retired Teachers
Diocese of San Jose

San Jose, CA                   
November 6, 2012  10:00 A.M.

Sausalito Library
City Hall Council Chambers
Sausalito, CA                    
February 11, 2013  7:00 P.M.

Photo by Philip Liborio Gangi

Take a peek behind the courthouse curtain with Agatha Hoff 's new book, a captivating account of her years as a San Francisco Court Commissioner. The book's title was taken from graffiti left by a disgruntled litigant on the courthouse bathroom wall, much to the amusement of observers, including Agatha herself. From the recurrent parade of prostitutes she recognized on a first-name basis, to the out-of-towners trying to navigate a day in the city, Agatha captures it all with her keen eye for detail and wry sense of humor.

A couple of Agatha's most memorable moments:

A defendant who had run a flashing red light without stopping pleaded, "But Your Honor, I went through on the blink." 

Another day, a young couple approached the bench.

"This gal and I stood in line so long, signing up for Instant Hearing," the fellow informs me, "we decided to get hitched. Will you marry us, Judge?"

He turned to the smiling bride and inquired, "By the way honey, what's your name?"

Judge* Hoff, Jesus Loves You but the Rest of Us Think You're an A**hole! is an insider's look at the job Agatha refers to as being, "the grand marshal of an endless parade of the human race."

Advance Praise

"Commissioner Hoff metes out justice from both the bench and her bike. Her stories about San Francisco's court system, and cycling among the people of the City by the Bay, are filled with poignant moments as well as a profound sense of humor and fun. Reading her words is a delight." — Erica Dubno, Esq., Constitutional lawyer and avid cyclist

“Some of our clients have issues. Others have entire subscriptions. Agatha Hoff's stories provide a well-needed comic relief from the serious business we lawyers perform in the cathedrals of decorum and precedent. Even our California Supreme Court recognizes that, ‘Well-conceived judicial humor can be a welcome relief during a long, tense trial.’” — Jerome Fishkin, Fishkin & Slatter LLP, Walnut Creek, California


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